Is Your Water System Ready for Winter?

Having any issues occur with your water system during the bitterly cold winter is a nightmare for anyone. And with the mixture of moisture and frigid temperatures, freezing can easily cause burst pipes and a whole lot of aggravation for you. With the Canadian winter upon us, it’s time to take some preventative steps now to get your water system ready for the winter chill. Follow these winterizing steps to help ensure your water system will be in good shape come spring.


Inspect Your Water System

Before the onslaught of the winter weather arrives, it’s always wise to thoroughly inspect your entire water system for any damage. Spotting even minor issues now can prevent much greater ones from occurring and requiring significant repair. As you inspect, pay attention to any signs of leaks. Also, check the exercise valves to ensure they’re functioning properly and look out for any openings along the well cap. If you notice even a minor opening, this could be a potential spot for contaminants, such as rodents and insects, to enter the water system, so ensure they’re sealed up.


Shut Off Power & Drain If Necessary

Once you’ve inspected the system to see how it’s functioning when operating, it’s time then to shut off the power to your water supply pump. There are one or two valves that will be located away from your house and/or where the water enters the house. Either of these can be used to turn off the water. If your pressure or storage tank is susceptible to freezing and you’ve been instructed to drain it by your manufacturer, then now is the time to do it. If there’s no risk then you can leave it filled.


Drain Internal Plumbing

All of the water from your internal plumbing will also need to be drained to avoid burst pipes. This can be done by opening a water outlet at both the highest and lowest points in the system and letting it filter out. If that option isn’t available to you, then you might need a compressor to connect and force out any water. Always make sure to cap off any openings to allow the compressor to work properly. Don’t forget to drain any other water-sourced item such as furnaces, dishwashers, and backflow prevention devices, too.


Keep Your Water System Protected

Never use any automotive or anti-free in your water system since this can be extremely dangerous to your health. If you do require a solution for your toilet bowls, sinks or shower traps to prevent cracking, always use environmentally friendly anti-freeze.


Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions

For any other necessary steps, be sure to always consult with the instructions provided by your manufacturer.


Call The Experts

And, when you don’t enjoy the idea of handling this entire winterizing process on your own, give us a call! At Altair Water and Drilling, we specialize in managing water systems like yours and have been servicing Western Canada for over 30 years. Contact us today!