Important Health & Safety Training in the Drilling Industry

When it comes to such involved tasks as those performed by Altair Water and Drilling Services’ hardworking team of experts, extensive health and safety education is crucial. We firmly support and carry out all training required to protect everyone and ensure our services remain of premium quality. Here are the most important programs we have our employees complete.

WHIMIS Training

We believe that every business should extensively employ WHIMIS training, as it dramatically benefits all workplaces by providing employees with a strong understanding of what products, chemicals, and hazards they may be subjected to or interact with. In turn, our employees’ holding a certification for complete WHIMIS training is an indicator that they recognize the safest and most risk-free way of performing their duties responsibly, protecting themselves and our clients from danger.

TDG Certification

TDG, otherwise known as the Transportation of Dangerous Goods certification, helps to ensure that our employees have a firm understanding of and always follow the proper procedures for hauling dangerous goods and equipment, as well as any loading or unloading required. This protects against accidents and unwanted mishaps and also ensures that you receive only the highest quality products and service from us that can be undoubtedly trusted.

Fall Arrest Training

Fall prevention training enables our team to recognize and adhere to their responsibilities when working in areas where there are fall risks, such as in domestic water wells. They are instructed on the use and inspection of harnesses as well as how to best work in potentially hazardous areas. This is imperative to protect all individuals involved in carrying out our services and negating workplace risks as much as possible.

H2S Alive Certification

Mandatory for most occupations within the oil and gas industry, H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide) Alive training is designed to ensure employees know how to protect themselves and others against the risks of H2S, how to revive victims, and best workplace practices. Precautionary training such as this provides our hardworking employees with the risk assessment and H2S identification education that is imperative in their line of work.

First Aid and Confined Space Training

Comprehensive First Aid training is of critical importance in any profession, let alone those such as ours at Altair Water and Drilling Services. It provides our employees with the ability to quickly and efficiently attend to injuries and health-related issues, extending to not only our own team but any individuals in the area as well. Additionally, our application of confined space training helps our employees handle working in tight spaces such as drilled holes, ensuring that they know how to best protect themselves against injury and risks in confined environments.

The culmination of these certifications is a team that is extensively trained to provide the finest services quickly, efficiently and with total knowledge of best working practices as well as health and safety protocol. We at Altair Water and Drilling Services make it a point to professionally handle every job with the same dedication towards workplace safety and health protection.