Domestic Water Well Requirements

At Altair Water and Drilling Services, we know all too well the importance of properly caring for your domestic water well. We are certified experts in domestic water well drilling, pump installation, cistern tank installation, and more. Here is an overview of the integral requirements for having a clean and easy-to-maintain domestic water well.

Proper Well Drilling

The actual drilling of your well needs to be handled by a professional familiar with the intricacies of domestic water well installation. Altair Water and Drilling Services will arrive at the designated site to begin this initial phase. In many cases, we’ll use a rotary drill with a drill bit attached to the end of a drill string or pipe, which is rotated and cuts into the earth. At the same time, drilling cuttings are siphoned out of the hole. This process is similar to that involving a hand drill, but on a much larger scale. We’ll then line the well hole with a highly durable casing to protect against cave-ins and water contamination. In some cases, such as with wells drilled into sand, gravel, or requiring high flow rates, we’ll also install a well screen in the bottom of the casing to maximize flow while filtering out particles.

Pump Installation

A reliable and efficient pumping system is of paramount importance as it enables for easy water access. Altair Water and Drilling Services provides the finest and most long-lasting filter systems available, made possible by our being a registered Grundfos products dealer. We’ll install and thoroughly inspect your water pumping system after the well has been completed. We’re also specially trained in repairing water pumps including those by Grundfos, ensuring you have a consistent and reliable system at all times.

Filtration (Treatment) Systems and/or Well Shocking (Shock Chlorination)

To keep your water clean, fresh and free of contaminants, a proper filtration system is important. We can provide you with top-rated water treatment solutions that are specifically designed for domestic use, helping to protect not only your investment, but your household as well.

In the event that your well needs to be disinfected or if your groundwater is a continual source of bacteria, it may be required that we perform shock chlorination treatments on your domestic water well. During this process, water from the system won’t be suitable for consumption or extended contact with humans or animals, so be sure to plan for 12 to 24 hours without access. This process will be most effective if the chlorine reaches every part of the system, thoroughly decontaminating it. We’ll then work to flush the chlorine out and ensure that your well is 100% safe for domestic use.

These are the basics of setting up a domestic water well, but there is much more to learn about maintaining and using these systems. Altair Water and Drilling is here to help make sense of it all and provide quick, efficient and friendly service, and we encourage you to contact us for more details on setting up or maintaining your water well.