Career Options in Our Field

Curious about the potential opportunities in the field of well drilling and installation? There are plenty more job choices than you likely suspect. From drillers to scientists to management and back office – there are a number of interesting positions available in our industry. To get an idea of the potential career options that help drive the success in our field, here is a list of positions that are most needed in water well drilling and maintenance companies.

Water Well Driller

A water well driller is responsible for operating various types of drilling equipment to create and service wells. They are also required to perform service on the drilling equipment, driving the trucks, selecting the right drilling tools, and boring the holes. Many water drillers will also be required to treat and disinfect wells during maintenance procedures.

The levels of seniority will differ, where a senior driller will likely have more than 5 years of experience in drilling and be required to perform supervision tasks, run-on site operations, implement operation plans, apply sound drilling practices and risk management processes.


Hydrologists are also needed because of their training and experience in water supply. They provide engineering and environmental services such as hydrogeological assessments, site investigation, water sampling and data collection, interpretation of data, implementing drilling and testing programs, field mapping, well completion, and project management.


Geologists are commonly in demand because they have an in-depth understanding of the local geology. They are required to study the land surveys in order to determine which aquifer to tap into, what the prior drilling success rates are, and the typical yields in the area.

Environmental Scientists

You may also see job postings for environmental scientists in the field of drilling and well water. Their role covers a variety of work such as conducting Environmental Phase I and Phase II Assessments, groundwater and soil vapour monitoring, contaminant studies, soil movement and remediation, and water quality testing.


Beyond the exciting in-field positions available in well drilling, there are also a number of sales jobs that exist. A sales rep or sales manager will be tasked with selling the products and services to potential customers. This can include selling the pumping systems, arranging installations, booking maintenance and repairs, and sourcing leads.

Office Positions

There’s much more than just up-front drilling and sales positions. The team behind the scenes is also vital to a drilling company’s success. Each drilling company will feature an office staff that juggles marketing, administration, human resources, accounting, and management.

If you have experience in any of the following and a background in well water drilling, or even an interest in the field, visit our careers page. We are constantly hiring new talent for our fast growing business at Altair Water and Drilling.