Benefits of Constant Pressure Pumps

Do you experience dips in water pressure when someone’s taking a shower or if the washing machine is on? If so, we know just how frustrating it can be. If your faucets are sputtering out water or delivering inconsistent pressure, those fluctuations can easily be solved with a constant pressure pump.

Here are some of the benefits of constant pressure pumps and how they can solve your water pressure woes.


Steady Flow Through Pressure Controller

What makes constant pressure pumps so beneficial for delivering reliable water flow is the pressure controller. This device samples your water pressure multiple times each second as water passes through the water line. Whatever the pressure control reads, it then works to compensate and adjust the speed, either slowing down or speeding up. This allows the motor that’s outputting water to provide steady flow through the pump, making your life easier.


Greater Volume of Water on Demand

If you currently have a standard water system with a submersible pump and pressure tank, then you’re more than likely being limited by the volume and capacity of water that can be generated on demand. Standard systems generally deliver 10-12 gallons of water per minute, whereas a constant pressure pump can deliver at least 15 gallons per minute, providing water pressure when you need it.


Accommodate a Range of Flow Demands at Once

As a result of greater volume and capacity of water, your pump can finally accommodate a variety of demands at once. So if you’re showering and your partner turns on the dishwasher, you’ll still have a steady stream of water to enjoy.


Appliances Run More Efficiently

Another great benefit of constant pressure pumps is that they enable your appliances to function more effectively and efficiently. Having reliable, steady water pressure means that you won’t have to put the dishwasher on for a second time to get the dishes cleaned properly, or that your washing machine can fill up faster, so you can get the laundry done quicker. The same applies to irrigation systems for landscaping – they can evenly water the garden instead of sputtering and leaving dry patches behind.


Protect your Submersible Pump

Constant pressure pumps also help safeguard your submersible pump with different motor and pump features included. So it’s an extra bonus that safeguards your investment.

When you’re ready to ditch the guessing game with your water pressure and upgrade to a constant pressure pump, Altair Water and Drilling is equipped with the expertise and installation service you need. Contact us today!