Water is the world’s most precious resource. Over the past thirty years, Altair Water has developed a unique expertise in drilling and managing the output of water wells across Western Canada.

Based in central Alberta, Altair Water Drilling was started in 1982,  completing projects all over Western Canada into the Yukon and NWT.

Today Altair Water  has a new energy – an expanded team and a growing fleet to deliver on every possible water exploration and management requirement.

The foundation of our 30 year track record is based upon:

  1. A complete water and drilling service to deliver and manage output requirements.
  2. Quality experienced personnel to explore, monitor, and manage each project.
  3. Specialized equipment and services that are uniquely focused on water services.
  4. Providing safe, cost-effective solutions that reduce the overall project cost.
  5. The protection of our employees, contractors, customers and the environment utilizing the most up-to-date systems available

Building on our expertise, our company is driven by the fundamental premise that we are only as successful as the personnel we employ and the customers we serve.

Experienced water well drillers, service technicians and experienced rig crews providing intelligent water solutions…from the ground up!